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Dreaming up fairytales

Wish upon a star: 10 diffuser blends inspired by fairytales

Once upon a time, there lived a fierce adventurer. For all her daring escapades—against wolves, witches, and eerie woods—she occasionally retreated to her cottage to reflect on her sprees and scrapes. With a few drops of magic, she was whisked away to memories of narrow escapes and heart-stopping ventures.

While we don’t have magic, we do have essential oils! Get lost in your own fantasy, dream up your own adventures, and create your own happily ever after with a few drops of essential oil.

Ice Queen diffuser blend 

Our adventurer’s story begins as the captive stepdaughter of the kingdom’s ice queen. Neglected and cold inside the palace walls, she would seek refuge in a beautiful grove of snow-covered spruce trees. Find comfort in your own winter wonderland by adding refreshing Northern Lights Black Spruce, energizing Wintergreen and Peppermint, and sunlight-scented Bergamot to your diffuser.

Fairy Godmother diffuser blend

Before long, fate found our heroine in the form of a fairy godmother. With a few swishes of her wand, the fairy godmother helped our leading lady replace the bad in her life with the good, ball gown included! Welcome a bit of enchantment into your own home by mixing the cleansing power of Purification®Kunzea, and Eucalyptus Globulus with light and bright Grapefruit.

Glass Slipper diffuser blend

Ready for her fairytale to begin, our adventurer twirled the night away at the king’s ball. Realizing how much time had passed, she ran as the clock bells chimed and lost a glass slipper on the steps of the castle. The dancing may have been over, but her story was just beginning. Keep your own night of fantasy going well past midnight by diffusing brisk Blue Cypress, gorgeous Blue Tansy, and whimsical Tangerine.

Majestic Unicorn diffuser blend

Dashing through the forest with only one shoe, she stumbled upon something she’d only heard of in legends—a unicorn! Majestic, regal, and crystal white, the unicorn quickly formed a bond with the lady that would last a lifetime. Reflect on the unbreakable sources of loyalty in your life by combining graceful Ylang YlangLavender, and Geranium with the comforting scent of Rosemary.

Mermaid Lagoon diffuser blend

With a new animal sidekick by her side, our heroine, a bit lost in the woods, wandered into a luscious lagoon. In this pocket of magic in the dark, cold forest, she found flora and fauna, exotic frogs, lovely seashells, and ethereal mermaids. When you feel a bit lost yourself, diffuse balmy Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood™*,  warm Davana, and cheerful Lime for an essential oil-infused retreat.

Spellbound diffuser blend

But not all was as it seemed. Our leading lady quickly learned that these beautiful mermaids were entrapped by a curse from the local witch. Mischievous and sinister, the wicked witch possessed great power that our heroine had never encountered. The next time you come across your own scary hurdles, mix ancient Raven™, spicy Clove, and earthy Basil.

Damsel in De-Stress diffuser blend

With great empathy, our adventurer quickly formulated a plan to save the mermaids and defeat the wicked witch. She was nervous and scared, indeed, but with a few deep breaths, our damsel de-stressed and found the courage to go to the rescue! In times when you feel the pressure is too much, diffuse unique Stress Away™ and zesty Orange with the peaceful aromas of Roman Chamomile and Cedarwood.

Dragon Slayer diffuser blend

However, the witch had a few tricks up her sleeve. As our leading lady was hurrying the mermaids away, a ferocious dragon appeared. With a bravery she didn’t know she had, our heroine made a huge leap and slayed the dragon! When you’re facing your own fire-breathing dragons, add striking Dragon Time™, spunky Citrus Fresh™, and courage-inducing Valor® to your diffuser.

True Love’s Kiss diffuser blend

Little did our heroine know that when she defeated the witch and her dragon, a spell that had filled the whole kingdom would lift. The mermaids were free, the ice melted, the spooky forest filled with sunlight—the frogs even turned into handsome princes and princesses. One in particular caught her eye! Experience the wonder of meeting true love for the first time by diffusing mysterious Mister™, robust Vetiver, and affectionate Cinnamon Bark.

Magic Carpet Ride diffuser blend

Our adventurer had done it! She saved the kingdom, found an everlasting love, and learned that the most powerful magic comes when you’re brave, kind, and selfless. The only thing left needed for her happily ever after is a soaring ride on a magic carpet. Celebrate the power you have to make your own dreams come true by mixing fierce Frankincense with lovely Jasmine and sweet Coriander.

Love getting lost in fantasy land? Travel to the seven wonders of the world and get lost in the forest!

Which of these blends will lead to your happily ever after?


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