Hi, my name is Nathalie!

I am a Nurse, a Mom, and an enthusiastic French foodie — turned blogger!

I love food. French food. Why French food, you might ask? I was born and raised in France so that would explain my enthusiasm … but really … French cuisine is known for being rich in flavor and impossible to resist. Croissants, escargot, crème brûlée, and creamy camembert come to mind at the thought of French delicacies, but there are so many more lesser-known dishes to try, especially if you’re planning visiting France!

But, my blog is not only about food. I like to think of French Food & Crafts as a metaphor for health, it’s all encompassing. French food is real food and it is what feeds you: body, mind and soul. Of course, the first step on your journey to health should start with what you put into your body, but it also includes what you put onto your body, how you move your body, and the conversation that goes on in your head.

We need to be ever vigilant of the environment that we live in and the toxins that are in everything from makeup to our household cleaners. I have ditched the toxins, gotten them out of our house and off of our bodies. You know what? It’s not that hard to do. I have recipes for practically everything, and what I don’t have recipes for, I have found great resources.

I want to show you how to take your health into your own hands and live the best life possible. I want to teach you how to make your own personal care and cleaning products so you can lift the toxic burden and begin to feel better. Look better. Sleep better. Live better.

I am a Nurse, a Mom, and a French Food loving blogger, which means I am exhausted and happy. LOL

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