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Dreaming up fairytales

Once upon a time, there lived a fierce adventurer. For all her daring escapades—against wolves, witches, and eerie woods—she occasionally retreated to her cottage to reflect on her sprees and scrapes. With a few drops of magic, she was whisked away to memories of narrow escapes and heart-stopping ventures.

Blog Essential Oils

Essential oils for the Zombie Apocalypse

I like to think there’s an oil for every situation, even ridiculous fictional ones! That’s why, oils in hand, I’m prepared for any kind of zombie apocalypse—whether I’m dance-fighting Michael Jackson Thriller-types or creating a band of scrappy survivors, Walking Dead-style. With your oil collection at your side, you’ll be ready to take on anything the undead have to send your way.


What is an Instant Pot?

You may have heard about the Instant Pot and thought, “Nah, I really don’t need another kitchen appliance.” If you’re like most people, you have a kitchen cupboard of shame where all the novelty machines and gadgets go to gather dust after the newness has worn off. That egg topper? That preserving kit? Life’s too short to keep collecting more kitchen stuff. And besides, you already have a slow cooker.