Young Living Essential Oils

Five years ago this month, our family started on a wellness journey.

We had always shopped at Whole Foods, eaten organic, avoided GMOs… but we weren’t aware of the dangers lurking in our home that were making us sick. Most people truly aren’t.

There are ingredients in everyday things like baby lotion, dish soap, dryer sheets… all linked to cancer, infertility, and disease. We just didn’t know.

The surgeon general has issued a statement saying that the ingredients in American personal care products now pose a greater cancer risk to the public than smoking. We didn’t know.

We slowly but surely took a trash bag through our home and began to read labels. Into the trash bag went candles, over the counter drugs, shampoo — anything that was setting us or our kiddos up for failure with our health. We didn’t learn it all overnight, but we made little steps each month. As we made these steps, our family’s little health issues disappeared before our eyes. Skin issues were gone. That groggy, tired, lifeless feeling was gone. We began to truly feel healthy in a way we hadn’t before (and we were considerably healthy people).

We found a company we trust who uses the purest ingredients around, and we began slowly replacing things each month with their products. The company is Young Living. Over the course of five years, month by month, little by little, our home now looks completely different.

We use essential oils for a whole lot of things (you’d be surprised what they can do, and the science behind them is fascinating) but Young Living is so much more than oils. Dish soap, laundry soap, baby products, beauty products, men’s products, kids’ products, supplements, household cleaning stuff… we get it all directly to our front door from Young Living and we don’t have to stress or think twice. It’s been one of the most relieving things to happen along our wellness journey. And the results have been truly incredible. It has taken what seemed like an overwhelming task and made it such an awesome experience.

Today, we use essential oils for everything in our home, from seasonal irritations outdoors, to first aid type of things, to helping regulate hormones and emotions and all that good stuff, and of course restful sleep! They’ve blessed our family so so much. It’s hard to remember cleaning, parenting, or going about our day without them.

Things we used to “have to” do for our family’s “health” …we don’t rely on those things now. Haven’t needed them once. In fact, our medicine cabinet could not look more different than it did three years ago. With a family of our size, and over the course of FIVE YEARS, to think that we haven’t relied on toxic “medical supplies” once is pretty impressive. Before, we just didn’t know there were other options, or that there were so many side effects and dangers that just weren’t worth it.

Know better, do better!

“Do the best you can until you know better, then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

The concept of putting good things into our body and getting goodness out… it now seems so simple. You can’t poison the body into wellness. And there’s no sense in treating the body horribly and then dealing with sickness when it inevitably arrives. Instead, we can care for our bodies everyday by fueling them right, and we get to avoid sickness altogether! It’s been such a more peaceful way to live.

The way we initially got started is the way I’d recommend any family interested in embarking on their wellness journey get started: the Premium Starter Kit.

As a wholesale member, you also get 24% off everything, always, which is hugely beneficial when you’re like me and you want to dip your toe into slowly transforming your home little by little.

The starter kit comes with:
-11 of the most widely used essential oils
-A diffuser of your choice
-Sample packets of our favorite antioxidant drink
-Cute little glass bottles
-Learning literature

You can grab your starter kit on our team HERE.

Once you’re all good to go, let me know via the contact tab, because I will:
-Friend you on facebook!
-Get you plugged into our Essential Tribe groups!
-Send you $25 back
-Celebrate with you!

After seeing so many families take charge of their health and turn it around, we’ve become so incredibly passionate about getting these oils into as many homes as possible (and getting the harmful stuff out!) We are so happy to chit chat about Young Living with anyone who wants information.