Pain d’épices

A French classic, pain d’épices is sold in loaves, but sometimes sold in squares, cut from giant slabs. And because they’ve got a good dose of honey in them, honey merchants usually sell them. Kind of a cross between a cake and a bread clever French hosts (and hostesses…and probably everyone in between) will cut them in thin slices to serve under slabs of foie gras. But you don’t have to go to France to enjoy this amazing French Classic!

Bacon & Cheese Quiche

This is one of my favorite dishes to make and it is always a hit in the house! It may sound like a ton of work and it may feel like it is easier to just buy it at Costco … trust me, it is much better when made from home! 

Buckwheat Crêpes

Unlike wheat flour crêpes, I can’t see making a practice of rolling up a buckwheat crêpe and just popping it into my mouth plain. The buckwheat gives these a much stronger flavor, and really need to be part of a larger plan.

Tarte aux Pommes

When I was a little girl living in Tours, France, my parents had this huge apple tree and I always sighed a bit at apple-picking time. It was not among my favorite chores. But when my family sat down to dinner and the pièce de résistence was my mother’s flaky-pastry …

Mousse au Chocolat

This voluptuous mousse with its darkly intense chocolate frothed with airy eggs to a texture as light as hummingbirds’ wings ranks high on the happiness side! Enjoy!

Chicken with Vinegar Sauce

When I first tried a classic version of vinegar chicken in Tours, France, I wished it was tangier. So, back home, I add a hefty amount of Banyuls wine vinegar to the sauce. I just love the way the vinegar froths up when you add it to the pan. I finish the chicken in the sauce to infuse it with extra flavor 🙂

French Onion Soup

This easy French onion soup recipe will rival any you’ve had at a restaurant. Topped with crispy, cheesy baguette, it’s rich, savory, and comforting.


Ratatouille is a specialty if Provence in the south of France, made in the summer when gardens are bursting with produce and the vegetables are ripe, ripe, ripe!