Pain d’épices

A French classic, pain d’épices is sold in loaves, but sometimes sold in squares, cut from giant slabs. And because they’ve got a good dose of honey in them, honey merchants usually sell them. Kind of a cross between a cake and a bread clever French hosts (and hostesses…and probably everyone in between) will cut them in thin slices to serve under slabs of foie gras. But you don’t have to go to France to enjoy this amazing French Classic!

French Mixed Endive Salad with Apple, Cheese and Walnuts

An easy, quick to prepare and healthy mixed salad, often prepared by French families.

Quatre-Quarts (Pound Cake)

Afternoon snack staple at my house! So easy to make, only contains 4 ingredients!

Tarte au Citron (Lemon Tart)

It’s a marvelous dessert after a heavy meal. 


Ratatouille is a specialty if Provence in the south of France, made in the summer when gardens are bursting with produce and the vegetables are ripe, ripe, ripe!