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10 essential oil diffuser blends inspired by U.S. National Forests

Grab your sunscreen, insect repellent, and hiking shoes—we’re ready to hit the trails! If you don’t have a U.S. National Forest in your backyard and can’t soak in the dappled light on the forest floor in a moment’s notice, reach for your essential oils. With the right combinations, your diffuser will boast smells of spindly trees, crystal-clear lakes, and sky-scraping mountains. Below are 10 essential oil diffuser blends inspired by U.S. National Forests. Enjoy the instant woodland whimsy!

Blog Essential Oils

Escape to the 7 wonders of the world with these diffuser blends

Bucket list item #1: Visit all seven wonders of the world! From Agra to Giza, Wiltshire to Cusco, we’re ready to hop on a plane and grab a gajillion selfies in front of these mind-blowing monuments. But if you haven’t racked up enough frequent flyer miles and can’t bear to miss your kid’s soccer game, use an at-home passport (your diffuser!) to travel to all the world’s wonders!

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Dreaming up fairytales

Once upon a time, there lived a fierce adventurer. For all her daring escapades—against wolves, witches, and eerie woods—she occasionally retreated to her cottage to reflect on her sprees and scrapes. With a few drops of magic, she was whisked away to memories of narrow escapes and heart-stopping ventures.